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Embossing :

  • Embossing is a process of giving a dimensional look to an image area on the surface of material.
  • Embossing is done with the help of embossing plates known as male plate and female plate.

Here the male plate is placed below the female plate and the paper or substrate is passed in between them; and hence male plate acting as relief and female plate acting as recessed.


  1. Foling (also known as foil application) is a process, in which there is application of metallic or pigmented foil on to a solid surface by application of a heat and pressure or adhesive, making it permanently adhere.

Cold foil printing: In cold foil printing process , firstly the adhesive is applied to the image area of the substrate with the help of plate cylinder.the foil gets printed only to image area where the adhesive is applied


Label on label:

  • The label-on-label features a multi-layer constructions in which a self removable self adhesive label covers a second label that remains fixed to original surface .

Hologram :

  • The hologram are first embossed into the foil and then applied with coating.
  • Hologram is transferred in same way like hot foil stamping.

Coatings :

  • Coatings are applied to protect the labels from moisture, extreme temperatures, scuffs, and frequent handling.

There are mainly 3 types of print coatings:

  •     Varnish
  •    aqueous coating
  •     Lamination


  1. Varnish is typically added to a finished printed labels to increase gloss and provide a better overall look or to protect the printing from wear and tear due to handling or contact with moisture or chemicals.
  2. UV varnish: it provides high gloss.
  3. Bullet proff varnish: excellent rub  protection

Aqueous Coating

  1. Aqeous coatings are water based coating.
  2. It has advantage over varnish as it dries immediately and glossy characteristic.
  3. The disadvantage of aqueous coating is, it  can cause paper to curl


  1. The lamination is done with plastic film like BOPP
  2. Film lamination provides high gloss and tough finish.
  3. Film lamination is scratch resistant and does not yellow with age.
  4. Also the ink is protected from cracking and provides wipe able surface

Flexography printing

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