Prepress includes all processing steps like preparation of text, original images and graphics as well as the design concept for plate making before the actual printing.

It includes composition of text, picture, graphics and particularly colour seprations for multicolour printing.

Text and images are created digitally, processed electronically and output is taken directly on the printing plate without the use of film intermediates.

Design Department

  • Firstly the information is been provided by customer, and the provided data are in the form of PDF which acts as an information source.
  • For design of an particular art like logo’s and illustrations, vector images are created with help of  Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw.
  • Vector images can be resized without loss of quality.
  • Hence they are an ideal for designing and can utilized for any type of printing.
  • For making any artwork color selection plays an important role.
  • Since the basic colors RGB is used to generate the images you see on your computer monitor or digital camera, but is not suitable for printing applications.
  • Hence the four colors CMYK is used for printing process.

Plate Making Process

  • The flexographic printing plate use is made up of photopolymeric material which is known as “nylo plate”
  • The nylo plate is 48*35 inch in size.
  • Firstly,the flexoplate is given back exposure for 1 minute.
  • The back exposure is given with cyrel digiflow1000 at 38-43 degree celsius
  • With the help of laser printing,the image area is carried out.
  • It is done with the help of cyrel digital imager for 18 minutes between 18-22 degree celsius.
  • Now the main exposure is given with help of nitrogen gas for 10 minutes
  • For plate thickness of 1.14 there are 8 cycles and for 1.17 there are 10 cycles.
  • Then light finishing is done with the help of UV-A and UV-C lamps on cyrel digiflow1000.
  • For UV-A lamps,the finishing is done for 3 minutes at 80W and for UV-C lamps finishing is done for 4 minuites at 60W.



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