Barcom has been developing and printing labels for multiple FMCG, Pharmaceutical, Vehicular Maintenance, Liquor Products just to name a few categories. We have had the pleasure of catering to the needs of an exhaustive list of reputed brands for 15 years!

We take into account that label products need to be consistent with the brand’s message so as to reflect on the packaging. Hence, we have employed the best possible equipment and infrastructure that can print label products at enormous capacities.

As is evident; the kind of products we deliver are tested against harsh conditions and checked for quality.  Apart from security against physical damage of the labels, we also deter duplication fraud and malpractices of the like by producing Tamperproof and Counterfeit proof labels that can be traced to its rightful packaging (container, bottle, etc.) thus helping identify duplicated products.

Our Clientele

We are happy to announce that Barcom Industries Limited is now expanding its presence at two different locations in India:

1) Parwanoo, Himachal Pradesh
2) Sikkim